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 The Carmichael Park Foundation provides funding through The Sharon Ruffner Memorial Scholarship Fund to support partial scholarships to the youth (0-17 years old) in our community. 

A core role, and part of the heart of the Foundation, is to provide scholarships to local children so they may participate in the Park District recreation programs. The Park District offers many youth programs, classes, and sports including Summer Day Camps, Kid’s Hangout After School Program, Tiny Tots, Baby Ballet, volleyball, basketball, flag football, and more. It is vital that children have the opportunity to be active, learn new skills, socialize, and have fun. These programs, classes, and sports offer a chance for children to do this, however, some families are unable to afford the participation costs. The Park Foundation is proud to be able to provide the funding needed to make sure every child who wants to play, can play. 

A group of children in a huddle with their backs to the camera, in a colorful classroom setting.

The Foundation gives Carmichael families the help needed by covering 50% of program fees with the family only having to cover the balance. Families who live outside the Park District residency boundaries are also provided scholarships that cover 30% of program fees. If the family has more than one child participating in a program or class, the scholarship can cover up to 75% of the fees. Over the years, the Park Foundation has continued to grow the number of scholarships provided to local children.

The Foundation is proud of its support for the Sharon Ruffner Memorial Scholarship fund. This program ensures that youth through age 17 can participate in park district-run programs without worrying about money being a barrier. Scholarship recipients have participated in Kids Hang Out, Sports, and more! From January 1st to April 30th, the Parks Foundation has provided:

Three green arrows with text: "$9,041.80," "200 scholarships," and "Kids Hangout, Basketball, Volleyball clinic, Day Camp."
1/1/24-4/30/24  Scholarships

The Foundation’s support has opened up opportunities for many youth and continues to expand its reach in the community. We extend a hearty thank you to our generous donors, for helping support our youth to participate in the many activities available through the Carmichael Recreation and Park District.


A pie chart showing the Carmichael Parks Foundation Youth Scholarship Program's fund distribution for various sports and activities.